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For Contributors

Keep and grow your cash while funding positive change

Tithe makes it easier than ever to to support the causes most important to you while watching your money grow. Many Canadians want to financially support charitable organizations, but large one-time or monthly recurring donations can be inaccessible for most, especially younger supporters.

Simply deposit into your Tithe account and allocate your money to a list of verified organizations. On a monthly basis, a portion of the interest gained on your deposit will automatically go to the organizations of your choosing with the remainder going back into your account.

Whenever you need that money elsewhere, you can withdraw at any time to your other bank accounts via Interac e-Transfer.

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For Organizations

Be more impactful by empowering all of your supporters to contribute

Thank you for doing your part in making the world a better place. Let us do our part in helping you achieve your goals.

Currently, the most accessible donation option for many Canadians is a one time donation. These sources of funds are sporadic and unreliable for your organization.

Tithe lowers the financial barriers for your supporters by unlocking income from their previously inaccessible funds.

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